Samuel Schmucker   (Schmucker Organic Family Farm)

Samuel and his wife Wilma have 9 children.  They moved to the farm in 2005.  Samuel had grown up on the farm as a child.  His parents purchased it in 1978.  He and his wife have 3 sons and 6 daughters.  The farm became "Certified Organic" in 2006.  They have over 100 acres of tillable land and they milk over 30 dairy cows.  In addition to the cows, they raise a Non Genetically modified hybrid chicken and a heritage chicken known as “Freedom Ranger”.  This heritage breed is known for its flavorful taste and slow growth profile.  The chickens raised on the farm are fed organic grains and allowed to pasture and eat grass in the fields.  Their family also has a sugar shack on the property that allows them to produce a high quality organic Maple Syrup and Maple Cream.  The family looks forward to customers enjoying the products they work so hard to care for and produce.
About Us
​Aaron Schmucker  (Schmucker Family Farm)
Aaron and his wife Elizabeth have been blessed with 8 children.  There are 2 boys and six daughters.   Aaron functions as a pastor in his church while Elizabeth tends to the children and all the other family-raising activities. Aaron started out in the building business in the Mio area.  After several years he elected to start a business that would allow him to spend more time at home with his family.   He, together with his oldest son and father, currently operate a metal supply business.  The products they provide are used for roofing and pole barn construction.  In addition, he and his son raise sheep on their organically certified pastures.  The sheep and lambs pasture and enjoy organic grain products.  Both Aaron and Elizabeth are kept very busy between caring for their family, their community and their businesses. 

Nathan Hochstelter  (Whispering Pine Ranch)
Nathan and his wife Rebecca have 4 sons.  Nathan (30) and his wife are well on their way to establishing a wonderful family.  Their farm is made up of 120 plus ‘owned’ acres of pasture and 180 acres of ‘leased’ pasture and hay field property.  Currently they have 175 Angus and Hereford cattle that roam contently in the lush fields.  There are plenty of ponds and fresh water on the properties.  None of the steers are genetically modified and Nathan never gives them any growth hormones or antibiotics.  Nathan never uses any pesticides or chemical fertilizers on the property.  Nathan and Rebecca bought their first farm in 2006.   Nathan has farmed with his family since childhood.  He in fact still has his brother Marlin, helping him to raise cattle for market. In addition to cattle, Nathan maintains a large flock of sheep.  His most active business partner is named, “Smoke”.  Smoke is a sheep dog trained by Nathan since birth to herd the cattle and sheep from pasture to pasture.  It’s an amazing site to see how Smoke works the herds.  Seeing it done in the movies or on TV is one thing.  Seeing it in real life is a great experience.  Nathan’s other interest is his ownership of “Dutch Harness Stallions”.  These stallions are highly sought after in the breeding market.  They are raised as show and carriage horses. 
Robert Byler (Triple “B” Heritage Farm)
Robert and his wife Becky have 4 children, three daughters and one son.  Robert grew up on the family farm in Mio and has loved farming all his life.  Robert has a special interest in Heritage farm animals.  It’s important to him that all the animals he raises are not the result of genetic or hybrid breeding.  The pork, turkeys, and chickens he raises are all Heritage breeds.  He and Becky recently bought a 12.5 acre family farm to raise their family.  All feed for his animals is non-genetically modified and he does not use antibiotics, chemicals, or pesticides.   All his animals have plenty of access to fresh water and are ‘free range’.  He takes great care to ensure the animals are raised in a natural environment.  In addition to farming and raising the family, Becky loves baking.  She often has sales of her home made products and looks forward to offering her products to customers through Our Farms 2 You. 
Daniel Miller (Miller Family Farm)
Daniel and his wife Rosanna have 2 children, a boy and a girl. Daniel and Rosanna moved to the farm 2 years ago.  Daniel’s father, John Miller, bought the farm in 1985 and raised his eight children there.  After purchasing the farm from his father, Daniel decided to start raising hybrid chickens on the farm as his father had done for years.  In 2014 he bought a flock of sheep in order to raise lambs to sell.   The farm consists of over 116 acres and has not had any form of chemicals or pesticides introduced to it since 1985.  At the current time Daniel leases many of the pastures to other Amish farmers.  The property is also used to produce hay for use by other farmers in the area.  Daniel and his brother Paul also have a sugar shack or their property.  They produce over 1,000 gallons of maple syrup each year.  In addition, they produce Maple Sugar and Maple Cream.

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